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Hi, hope this helps. Overview of JAWS Remote Access
Remote access software, like Citrix Program Neighborhood and Remote Desktop Connection, allows you to establish a connection from your computer (called the "client") to another computer (called the "server"). Once connected, you can run programs and view files just as if you were sitting at the server's keyboard. The server handles all processing and data storage tasks. The client computer acts as an intermediary between you and the server, relaying your commands and displaying the results.

Visually, users see a graphical representation of the server's desktop on their client computer. However, the version of JAWS installed on the client cannot read or interact with this image. With JAWS remote access, you install a version of JAWS on the server to provide speech and braille access to programs you use while in a terminal session. The version of JAWS installed on the server sends the output to the client through a virtual channel. The version of JAWS installed on the client computer then relays this output to the user through a synthesizer and/or braille display.

The Remote Access feature is only available for licenses of JAWS Professional that use Internet License Manager (ILM) or Dongle authorization. The Remote Access feature must be purchased separately. Contact Freedom Scientific Sales for more information.

Note: You cannot use the thumb drive version of JAWS in terminal sessions. You must actually install a full non-thumb drive version of JAWS on the Client prior to attempting a terminal or remote session.

You do not need to purchase the Remote Access option for your license in order to use PAC Mate Desktop.

Use the following links to learn more about setting up and using JAWS in terminal sessions:

Remote Access System Requirements

User and Shared Profiles for Remote Access

Assigning Access Privileges

Remote Access Installation Instructions

Authorizing JAWS for Remote Access

Starting a Terminal Session

Ending a Terminal Session

Using PAC Mate Desktop

Troubleshooting JAWS Remote Access

Keystrokes for Citrix and Terminal Services



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hi friends,
what's jaws remote access?
can you give me any information?
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