[access-uk] Re: iriver h320

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  • Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2005 22:45:03 +0100

Based on the scraps of info I've picked up from several postings, the answer is 
yes.  If the 20 and 40 gig models are the same as the ten gig one that someone 
did a review of MainMenu (but with more memory) then it sounds like it is 
fairly easy to skip from one track to another, and one album to another and 
tune and set stations with the FM radio.  I've just bought an iRiver player so 
I damn well hop so anyway!

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  Hi all

  Is anybody able to come back with any answers with my previous posting?

  I was asking whether you are able to use the radio on the above player.  
Also, whether you are able to # tracks yourself, without any sighted assistance.

  Any help appreciated.



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