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  • Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2007 09:49:03 +0100


I'm glad you gave the website as well.

Folks, if you have a router or switch or hub that you connect through to the internet with going to the command prompt, (cmd), will give you the internal IP.

Something like,

So if you see something like that from the command prompt then visit the site John posted to get your external IP. (The one given to you by your ISP).

Dj Paddy
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Subject: [access-uk] Re: ip address

hi anthony.

there are two ways.

firstly if you hit windows key then r to bring up the run dialog box then type ipconfig and press enter.

if that's no good then the following website should help.


hope this is useful.

from john snowling.
----- Original Message ----- From: anthony campbell
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 Sent: Sunday, August 26, 2007 1:48 AM
 Subject: [access-uk] ip address

hello, please as any got a free programme for finding out my internal and external ip address.


 cheers anthony

 email: anthony.campbell07@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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 skype name: anthonycampbell1294

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 mobile: 07789158441

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