[access-uk] Re: interesting problem with victor reader classic

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Hi,You need to do


Two things:


1.      Switch off the unit, and hold down the eject button whilst
switching it on.  It will do a full factory reset.


2.      Update to the latest firmware - not sure what version the UK
prompts are on, last time I checked the US version was newer than the UK






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The RNIB talking book service have just sent me a new Victor Reader
Classic which arrived yesterday.  There is something strange going on,
and I wondered if anyone had had this problem.  Of course I can call the
RNIB on Monday but if this can be remedied by a firmware update or
something like that, then I can do that.


It seems as though the machine is not recognising mains power.  If I
connect the adapter to the product, and hold down the top lefthand key,
I am advised that battery power is enabled.  This came to my attention
because I was listening to a book yesterday evening, and the machine
kept saying "mains power on mains power off", the second announcement
immediately preceeding the first.  


However, if I leave the machine connected to the electricity for a few
hours, then disconnect it, I can get a good couple of hours out of the
battery without any problem, indicating that it may have been charged.

As I say, has anyone else had this problem please?


Brian Hartgen
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