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RE: [access-uk] installing win2000pro?There is only ONE version of Window-Eyes 
now and has been for some time.

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  I am getting a bit confused here, as I thought that they put a stop to the 
standard and pro fiasco, and there was only one version of window-eyes now. 


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    Hi Andrew,

    No standard version of WE works with Windows 2000, only the professional 

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    Windows 2000 is no longer in real support and so you will end up with 
drivers not being available etc.  You would also need to upgrade to the 
professional version of your screen reader, if using JFW or Windoweyes - 
however if I remember correctly an older version (possibly 4.0 of Windoweyes) 
may work with the standard version - though please check.

    How old is the machine?  Are you sure you have drivers for everything?  You 
really need to do a wipe clean - make at least two partitions - one for the OS 
and another one for data, format them both NTFS.

    What specs are the machine?  it may be cheaper to go with XP Home.

    I really wouldn't want to do it, though will help you as much as I can.

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    hello list,
    I am thinking of changing my os to win2000pro, and would like to know the 
    can I just install it over the current os, which is win98se, or do I have 
to wipe the machine clear first?
    is the installation strait forward?
    are there any options I should change rather than just letting it go ahead, 
to ensure better running of the machine?
    any other pointers also would be welcome, as I haven't done anything like 
this before, but win98 is starting to get on my nerves a bit.


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