[access-uk] how to prevent any1 from accessing any sight on internet on pc

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  • Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2014 20:24:14 +0530

hi all.
i have 1 retainer client who i need to attend to for computer repares
and all what i came to know is when the owner of the office is not in
office the people waste time by streaming videos from youtube download
songs and all.
so the owner asked me if i can fully disible access to the internet.
now i had 2 options unplugging the lan cable or disconnecting it from
wifi or turning air plain mode on on windows 8.1 and as the people are
not that tech oriented they wont know if its on but i cannot do this
as the pc is connected to a network scanner so it wont work i could
compleately remove ie firefox and crome but there is a posibility that
people can bring it on pendrive and install it
can some1 suggest me something? i think a pairental controle would do
this but which 1 should i install? i only want the pc to connect to
the internet only to scann download windows updates download antivirus
updates and thats it not even google can open on the pc
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