[access-uk] Re: how to extract the soundtrack from a digiTV recording

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Hi Pele and CarolThat's very interesting.  Thanks.  Didn't see that key stroke 
anywhere.  Let me know if there are any more, apart from the obvious play, 
stop, pause etc.


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> Carol
> I've not had a go at extracting from Digi yet. Seems like an awful
> faff! (smile). . but if this helps, When listening live to a
> broadcast or a recorded programme, shift right arrow increases the AD
> volume. And, shift left arrow reduces the AD volume.   
> hth
> Ann
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> Subject: [access-uk] Re: how to extract the soundtrack from a digiTV
> recording 
> Steve,
> I've been looking at this again and it all seems a bit messy and time
> consuming!  ...  I'd sooner play using the video recorder and record
> into GoldWave (using "What you Hear", or whatever the equivalent for
> just getting it through the sound card).  This may well be doable. 
> The problem I have, really, with the whole system is a fault with the
> audio description using Freeview in that it's too low in volume.  (We
> don't have this problem when using Cable.)      
> Now, is there any way you can think of to up the volume of the audio
> description whilst listening (or even recording from that recording)
> using the video recorder?  
> It's all a bit make shift, but I'd like to have something that's a
> bit more workable than just using the video recorder and, at the same
> time, hopefully something that then can be transferred quickly and
> easily to an audio device of my choosing.   
> If anyone else has thoughts on this, please chime in here.
> Cheers.
>> Hi Pele and Carol
>> Here’s how to demultiplex DigiTV recordings to strip away the normal
>> soundtrack and the audio description soundtrack.
>> First, open DigiTV as normal – you may want to mute the sound by
>> pressing the M key so that you can hear the prompts with Jaws or
>> other screen reader.
>> Go into the file menu and down cursor four times to the tools item
>> and press enter.
>> Right cursor twice to get onto the demultiplex tab.
>> Tab four times until you hear browse after the input file prompt.
>> Press the spacebar to get to a normal windows open dialog box.
>> Press shift+tab to get into the file list of your recordings. Cursor
>> down until you hear the name of the file you want to demultiplex. Now
>> tab four times until you land on the open button and press the
>> spacebar. You should hear jaws counting up towards 100%.
>> Now, here’s where things get interesting.
>> You are suddenly thrown back to the main DigiTV screen and wonder
>> where the heck the demultiplex page has gone. However, don’t worry
>> this is a bug in the software and all that has happened is that jaws
>> has lost focus on the page. To return it to the focus, just press
>> alt+tab and the windows will swap around and you’re back in the
>> demultiplex dialog box.
>> Now press tab until you land on the start demux button. Pres the
>> spacebar and you will hear jaws reporting the percentage that DigiTV
>> has demultiplexed the file. This may take one or two minutes
>> depending on the size of the file. However the count never actually
>> reaches 100%, it always appears to end at 99%. Now tab ten times
>> until you land on the exit button and press spacebar and you will get
>> back to the main DigiTV screen.
>> Close down DigiTV.
>> Now open your recordings folder and you will find that there are 3
>> new files, these will be the name of your recording plus 00c0.mp2,
>> 00c1.mp2 and 00e0.m2v.
>> The file ending in 00c0.mp2 is the normal soundtrack, the file ending
>> in 00c1.mp2 is the audio description soundtrack.
>> As I said, you can play the mp2 files in win amp or you can convert
>> them in CDEX to mp3’s.
>> I have been told by Nebula that you can use gold wave to merge the
>> 00c0 and the 000c1 files to give you a complete audio described sound
>> track, but it won’t create the dip in main soundtrack that’s normal
>> when the voice over speaks and consequently it may be slightly
>> difficult to hear distinctly when for example music is being played
>> in the background of the main soundtrack. I haven't tried this myself
>> as I don’t have gold wave and sound forge needs an expensive plug in
>> to work with mp2 files.
>> If you have any trouble with this procedure, just drop me a line and
>> I’ll try and sort you out.
>> Good luck
>> Steve Green

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