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Only two brief things I can say here Simon.

1.  Always pays to look at more than one source of advice, although I think a 
straightforward full list of names of suppliers and contact info should be 
provided by someone, especially those who shouldn't have a commercial axe to 
grind, i.e. situated in the vol sector.

2.  Along with this, impartial advice, as far as that is really on offer, 
should make itclear what a screen reader actually is.  So, is Guide a screen 
reader in the propper sense?  I would contend that maybe it isn't.  I believe 
it might be described more accurately as a 'self-voicing apllication suite'.  
Please someone correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the Guide software puts 
users in a VI friendly environment outside of MS Office, or anyother app that a 
screen reader can handle.

All the best.

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| hi list, just out of interest typed in guide screen reader in to google as I 
| haven't heard of this screen reader before and wanted to find out its 
| features.
| now here's the strange part, I will just give 2 examples below and let you 
| judge for your self.
| www.keyspell.com claim to be the screen reader experts, aren't they all?
| well no mention of window eyes, look out or guide.
| and
| www.uky.edu/TLC/grants/uk_ed/at_reading.html
| don't mention hal/sn look out or guide.
| now surely, a person looking for a new screen reader who is new to all this, 
| should have the broadest picture possible?
| he/she may be recommended a particular flavour of screen reader but they may 
| not have the funds or the time to invest in say the big three, namely hal 
| jaws and window eyes.
| god knows they're all complex for the best of us at times especially when an 
| upgrade is out.
| the only good thing I found that the rnib does mention all flavours of what 
| you can get so from an access point of view surely these so called experts 
| should have mandatory links to all possible avenues and not force the 
| consumer down a specific road.
| can of worms or what?
| Simon
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