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i have found the best way is first to get the movie playing.  Sometimes I've 
just kept hitting Enter and Tab until something happens.  Another hurdle is all 
the trailers but once you've got it going go into the Play menu and seselect 
option for audio tracks (key K?) and choose as required.  Wording can vary.
Once you get the AD Playing you can go back to the beginning of the movie.
Hope this helps or that someone can come up with better instructions.

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  Hi Could anybody out there give me some info, I am trying to watch a DVD  on 
my Laptop.  the computer asked me if I want to use Windows Media Player or 
Clear 5.  I chose Window Media, I assume that is correct.  However, I could not 
access AD although I know that there is AD on the Film as it says so on the 
cover.  Also I could not get the Film to start.  I am using an acer, and 
Windows 7 and JAWS13. Any help would be really appreciated.



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