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Hi Jill and all, I am the fella Barry was talking about.

I'm not experiencing the issues you mention Jill, the sensor on the remote control is at the front, if you have the control flat on your lap the top is the end that has 3 buttons, the two at each end being round. I've found I can angle the remote to the set top box and still get a response. What I do suggest is that you need to have definite button pushes and not try and press too many buttons too quickly. For example if you want to change the TV channel to 705 (radio 5live) you need to press 7, 0 then 5 and I would recommend waiting for the audio feedback before pressing the next button. So, press 7, wait till you hear 7, then press 0 and so on.
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I know someone who owns this and just asked my partner if she'd heard if
they had the same problems.  Especially as we're going to buy one and her
reply is as follows.

"He was flicking through fine when i was talking to him earlier. Wonder if
she has it upside down?  Apparently there is a mistake in the instruction
that say certain connections and buttons go from left to right when they
really go the other way.  He said he thought you could alter the volume of
tv and speech independently but hadn't worked out how yet. "



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Just wondering if any of you've order and received this box. I've got mine today. I think it's a great idea. My 1 gripe though is that I'm finding it extremely difficult to hit the sensor with the remote. On previous freeview
boxes, this was a breeze.  If I aimed the remote at even the tv screen, I
could change channels, but not with this 1.  I've always have my freeview
box on top of the telly, which has caused no problems in the past.  But I
often get no response when pressing butttons.  when I had the box on my
knee, it was much better. I'm thinking the sensor might be on the underside
of the box at the front.  If that's the case, how stupid!  I intend to
contact goodmans on this, as I believe it doesn't say where the sensor is on
the remote.  also, the volume of the guide speech is a lot louder than the
volume of programmes through the tv. Have you received your box yet, and
how've you found it so far?  The sluggish responses explained why I
initially couldn't set it up, but once I overcame that, there was no issue


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