[access-uk] Re: getting help from tesco drivers

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Well, that's one up for Sainsburys, who'd I'd most likely shop with
were I to take up internet grocery shopping.  You should all do as I
do and live ten minutes from a supermarket!

Asda's a different story.  My sister either gets no substitutes or
else a few things she didn't order.  Not recommended.

From Ray
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I get my shopping from Sainsbury's and, the substitutes come in
colour bags to the rest of the shopping.  I can't see the different
bags but I always ask if we've got any substitutes and I've always
them very helpful, in fact, occasionally they have even carried the
into my kitchen for me.

From Wendy.

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I always ask, "Is there anything missing or any substitutes?"

They should be able to see that information from the paperwork, which
just a few seconds.  That doesn't guarantee he delivered everything,
course, because I have known mix-ups in shopping, occasionally;  but I
that's a reasonable question.


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Subject: [access-uk] getting help from tesco drivers

> Hi all.
> This could be considdered off topic particularly if it grows into a
> thread, but I received a tesco order today only to find that when
> driver
> had gone there were 3 items of my order missing.
> I rung tesco who told me that if I quoted the prices from the
receipt then
> I
> would get a refund of the money for the missing items.
> I know a driver cannot put things away, but is it reasonable to ask
> driver to go through the shopping to make sure that all the things
> are
> on the receipt are in fact there in the delivery?
> Regards
> Graham
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