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Thanks Keith for a brilliant link.  I was surprised however, that when I went 
to put my search in, I had to delete out the get iPlayer radio bit.  It did 
work once I did that but why is that there?
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  Hello Mike,


  Very nice to hear from you. We go back a very long way!


  Get_iplayer isn't useless, but it is certainly a lot more tedious to use, for 
me, at least.


  As far as I understand things, for each programme you wish to download, you 
have to acquire the PID. This is part of the address bar, and appears at the 
end, beginning with a letter B.


  Thanks to Amro, I now have a command line to use, and this has enabled me to 
download several programmes today.


  I have just downloaded the second part of For Whom the Bell Tolls, so I know 
this line works.


  Try pasting in the following line into get_iplayer:


  Get_iplayer --pid b04lpd9w --aactomp3 --type=radio 


  Good luck, and let us know how you get on.


  With best wishes,



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  Hello Keith and listers,


  As far as I can see Get_Iplayer has become useless. Is this because of a 
change in the BBC Iplayer? It's a pity as I hadn't downloaded the second part 
of 'For whom the bell tolls'.






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  Hi Amro, and all,


  I should have said when I first introduced myself, that I am very much a 
novice when it comes to many computer programs, and to get_iplayer in 


  Until this week, I used get_iplayer in a very basic way: I kept strings of 
text in a plain text file, and simply changed the name of the programme between 
the quotes I wished to download. I then simply pasted the line into 
get_iplayer, and everything was fine.


  Now, that appears to have all changed, and I have to use the PID method. I 
presume that PID stands for Programme Identifier. So, this is all very new to 


  Does this mean that I have to acquire the PID for every programme I wish to 


  Is there a command to download all episodes of a series? I suspect not.


  I hope that someone can help, and explain things in fairly basic terms.


  Thank you.


  With all best wishes,





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