[access-uk] Re: first day at work placement

  • From: "Justin R" <mypc128@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 07:51:55 +0100

Hi David,
yep, i'll bear that all in mind as, I understand what you are saying.
Basically, in general terms, I need to be as accomodating as I can
realistically be.  I think, what I'm given, in terms of doing the work, is a
fraction below adiquate but, it's workable and could be worse.  Doing one
poster is one thing, but another poster?  well, I'll be ferm if I'm offer to
do a third!? lol.  sorry, but I'm not there to do computer graphics art
class.  Mind you, the leaflet I'm charged with isn't an easy one.  Never
done one in my life!  I don't think even powerpoint can help me there.

well, we'll see what today offers.

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Subject: [access-uk] Re: first day at work placement

> Justin
> Andrew's comments are of a more practical nature than those of mine
> which follow.
> Try to be pro-active and positive without being too self-effacing.
> The end result may be a job for you, but in the worse case you can be an
> advocate and show to your temporary colleagues that visual impairment is
> a huge inconvenience with hurdles to overcome rather them be barriers.
> Being overtly V.I. May build barriers.
> Overall, continue to be positive and learn from their and your own
> experiences.
> a little saying which I much like is:
> 'their is nothing that is a problem, just an inconvenience which needs
> to be resolved!'
> David

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