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Hope its not being suggested that I believe ZoomText is an adequate 'screen 
reader.'  I did say within my post that it defintely isn't.

Who ever refered to useing 3x 4x magnification has my agreement in this.  Any 
more than that and you start losing too much screen area as well as context, 
always a problem with magnification.  Well, that's what I think.

On the subject of training, I never had any of that, and I doubt if I'm any the 
worse for it.  I am well aware though that many prefer to have it because 
either they are not enough into computers and learning how to use them, or else 
they simply haven't the time, and I respect that.

Also, in reply to a comment Justin made on this thread, I can quite see that we 
all become more or less conservative in the way we access computers.  Think a 
lot depends on early effort put into learning and looking out for others 
experience and comments.  That's so much easier now that we have lists like 
this one.

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  From: Tony Cretney 
  Hi Ray 

  Yes I think I would agree with what Jane says here.  

  Zoom Text does not give you full screen reading facilities.  In my position I 
find it adequate, but I suspect that you might find it difficult as you are 
used to working with window eyes.  You will almost certainly not get as much 
information from the Zoom Text reader as you get from the Window Eyes that you 
are using at the moment.  

  The major improvement on Zoom Text 9.0 is as Justin has said the voices 
especially in neovoice are a lot clearer.  There is still something to be 
desired in the area of the reading speed as this may have been increased 
slightly but it is nothing like as fast as some of the other screen readers. 
The new Xfont is much clearer to see what is on the screen, but of course this 
is dependent on how much vision you have.  I rarely have to use the system 
running at more than two of at the most three times magnification.  As you work 
up the magnification levels I suspect hat Xfont will be a greater advantage 
than it is at the low ones.  

  I have always found Zoom Text a good device for my personal needs. I cannot 
say how it might work for people who have less vision than I have myself.  

  Try it and see what you think.  

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    From: Jane Taylor 

    Hi Ray

    Zoomtext is not a screen reader and looks like it never will be quite 
honestly.  true the new voices are pleasant but for me i would be happier if 
thye made the Zoomtext control panel accessible, it is so annoying having to 
use the mouse in the control panel all the time.  Surely AI Squared would be 
able to put a tab order for this element?

    With regards the web support, try using it on a complicated web page like 
BBC; the reading order is still wrong.

    Not happy with another costly SMA life for more bugs!


    Justin R <mypc128@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
      Hi Ray,

      Well, I can say that the new neospeech is great for the screenreading 
      It's so human sounding, almost like the AT&T voices. It actually does not 
      speak out the < and > when reading a newspost or reading out someone 
      e-mail to quote them. That's great as, truvoice will always read them out 
      and, it's so annoying. It stops me from reading previously quoted e-mails.
      However, neospeech is not entirely clear in prenounciation all the time. 
      Plus, it's such a fine sound that any excess external noise makes it hard 
      for me to hear what its saying. HOwever, it's worth Aisquared keeping 
      voice package and developing it further.

      ZT anounces a lot of what's going on, on screan, it always tells you 
      you are. Plus, there is the webfinder, that produces a list of links on 
      each webpage. Now. beta 9 executes this better than 8.1 does. It 
      identifies links in webpages quicker then the current full version. 
      the desktop finder too. That, with some keyboard short cuts, brings up 
      list of all what's on the computer, all folders and, you can access my 
      documents and anything that way. I don't use it personally as, I don't 
      i need this as opposed to the webfinder which, is a lot more helpful to 
      There is this new Xfont thingie. All I know is, from what i see on screan 
      that it seems to make the text, any text finer, more defined, emboldened 
      little, prenounced maybe. NOt sure how to describe it but, it helps to 
      words on screan more readable. This helps me out initially but, I still 
      have a struggle reading of screan for more than a couple of minutes 
      However, it's great for small amounts of reading, makes it easier too.

      I expect you know about appreader Ray? That was a god send since version 
      8.0 Docreader was n ever meant for reading e-mails and webpages. Not much 
      has changed with appreader. It does the job well though. pdf files can 
      mostly be red OK although, dependng on their design depends on how 
      will read them out. I think appreader's ability to read pdf files may 
      ever so slightly advanced from the 8.1 version when zt could read pdfs. I 
      don't use pdfs much myself so, that's not easy to judge at all.

      hope some of this helps Ray

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