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  • Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 14:39:57 +0100

  From: Ray's Home 

  >Does seem a daft short coming not to have keyboard support for navigating 

  I think they are supposed to but, I don't even know what they are.  I find 
that some dialogues will read fine automatically, others don't.  I've noticed 
the wizard dialogues don't read out well.

  >It does sadden me somewhat though, that many VI people on the cusp, so to 
speak, of being partially sighted, although they are >probably registered 
blind, cannot bring themselves to use the speech element more, as I feel they 
would benefit considerably.  >Or is it a limitation in the program that doesn't 
encourage them away from over-reliance on magnification?

  A lot of this comes down to lack of training or, not having the one to one 
training with ZT.  Plus, if I don't know the precise keyboard commands or how 
to use the speech more effectively, my efforts slow me down so I think.... oh, 
I can't be bothered.  I'd be at least somewhat faster using the magnifier with 
my vision.  However, I'm sure I'd be a lot faster with speech.  It's a case of 
old habits and trying to do things the hard way as, has been natural for me 
throughout my life. I think, if anyones scared of the posibility of using less 
site to do task and trust the screanreader more then, that can put me off as, I 
need to know what's going on now.  THis is the reason why I won't use jaws as 
an alternative with nornal screen view.  If anything happens, I'd panic waitng 
for jaws to tell me what's going on.  there'd be the fear of a screan reader 
just happening not to pick up on what just happened.
  these fears can contribute to the reluctance of using speech more as it does 
with me.

    Has to be said, though, that being a particularly lucky, if odd example, of 
VI-ness, I can also read Braille, so if I had the luxury of a Braille display 
no doubt I would treasure the ability to look at characters closely and edit at 
that level.

  I apologise if I'm getting somewhat carried away on this theme, but I recall 
still, though it was more than fifteen years ago, struggling to use the 
primitive CGA text magnifier alongside Dolphin's 4.x screen reader.  This too 
on a cramped 8088 laptop, would you believe?  It soon struck me that for most 
purposes I was better off with speech alone.  I often now zap a misspelled word 
out and type it over again, rather than fiddling with word level editing.

  >To be honest, I like magnification for bringing up small images, or getting 
at text a screen reader cannot get at, such as >bitmapped text images.

  Yes, this is wear mangification is great for me as, I can see pictures, even 
biggish pics on screen with magnification and, at least I can read as much of 
the screanreader unfriendly text as I can before I have to hold my hands up and 
give up. 



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