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  • From: "Kevin Lloyd" <kevin.lloyd3@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2011 20:33:09 +0100

I think that's a long standing JAWS feature.  To be 100% accurate in getting 
the MP3 file you're after, move your virtual cursor to the link by arrowing up 
or down the page as normal, then use insert + F7 to get a list of links.  Tab 
immediately to the "Move To" button in this dialogue and press spacebar.  When 
you now hit the applications key you'll see the save target menu option and it 
will be correctly placed over the MP3 or whatever file you're wanting to 


Kevin Lloyd
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  using jaws 11, windows 7 and IE 8: when i encounter an mp3 file i want to 
download i press the application key, arrow down to "save target as" and enter. 
that usually does the job. however, I am finding that when i first attempt to 
go to "save target as" it isn't there. if i click on the link to play it it 
opens it in windows media player. i then close media player, and haypresto, the 
"save target as" is there. after downloading the file and i move down to 
another mp3 file i wish to add, the "save target as" is there, but unless i 
open the file in media player then close it first, I will end up downloading 
the first file i downloaded. Is this a jaws 11 problem, or something i need to 
adjust in my settings? many thanks in hope,

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