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Hmmm!  Not very pleased about it working so badly with Jaws, but no doubt I'll 
see for myself very soon.

Has anyone used it with System Access, please?


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  Many thanks for that comprehensive explanation.  I am reassured that I am not 
the only one in the boat, and it is a pity that JAWS doesn't seem to get on 
with Diskeeper very well.


  I did try checking with Disk Defragmenter in the system tools menu, but it 
seemed to open up Diskeeper as well and still wouldn't let me analyse.


  I have also used JAWS cursor to explore the screen when Diskeeper is open, 
but it is very cluttered with words and graphics all mixed up, and it is hard 
to find checkboxes to click on.


  Thanks again.





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  Perhaps I should start by saying that my experience with diskeeper has been 
exactly the same as Wendy with jaws 8 and win xp home. When I launch diskeeper 
and highlight the drives to find if they are being defragmented automatically, 
jaws goes into a right tizzy and announces quote enabled disabled disabled 
disabled disabled disabled  unquote.


  From there it gets worse as when I ask it to analyze the drive, a message 
appears after about ten seconds saying that the operation has failed.


  To try and sort this out, I telephoned diskeeper's u.k. technical support, 
but after half an hour of struggling, we decided to call it a day until my wife 
came home from work and could tell me what was going on on the screen.


  However, with jaws running she was totally unable to get any sort of feedback 
from the program which would report via speech the status of the drives. The 
only thing she was able to tell me was that there was a screen showing that the 
clusters had in fact been defragmented completely with all the blue blocks on 
one side of the screen and the white blocks on another.


  Therefore my conclusion is that if you install diskeeper without deviating 
from the default settings, it will install with automatic defragmentation 
switched on and jaws users will have to trust that it is in fact working 
properly. However, you can check that the drives are properly defragmented by 
using Microsoft defragmenter in system tools to report their status.


  That apart, I was amazed at how quickly diskeeper rearrange my c drive with 
20 Gb of data and my d drive with 300 Gb of data, performing the task in the 
time between installing it and when my wife came home 5 hours later.


  Finally, I must admit that my computer is slightly quicker, but I'm wondering 
if its really worth 25 pounds.


  Steve Green


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