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  • Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 23:55:38 +0100


A disk format does not clear the information from the sectors of the
disk, it wipes the FAT/disk indexes (if using NTFS), and a full format
tests each disk sector for damaged sectors, again it won't wipe whats on
the disk.=20


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> to the average user they are gone and can't be recovered, but=20
> there are
> utilities that can be used by specialists that can recover the deleted
> messages. The police for example can sometimes recover messages from
> computers that the user thought they'd deleted for good.
> there are tools/utilities that will shred or completely=20
> remove data from a
> disk but other than knowing they exist, I know very little=20
> else about them,
> or whether they are full proof or not.
> the only way I would feel sure that the data is gone and=20
> can't be recovered
> would be after a disk reformat, a full reformat, not a quick reformat.
> Wally Harding
> RNIB Hi-tech support
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> Subject: [access-uk] deleted email
> hi list,  does my deleted email remain on my hard drive after=20
> I have cleared
> my deleted email box? and after I have performed a disk clean?
> if the answer is yes, how do I locate and remove these hidden files?
> mark
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