[access-uk] dasy software packages?

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  • Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2008 06:00:50 -0000

hello list, 
I have recently got a portable daisy talking book player, and would like to 
start making my own daisy book disks, from my own audio library. 
please can anyone recommend a good fully featured daisy creating software 
package? it needs to be fully accessible, using window-eyes. 

the package needs to be fully featured, as I would like to make the disks fully 
navigable, as I will probably put several books, radio series, or audio 
described film audio tracks, on to one disk, and would like to be able to 
select which book or series I want, and easily navigate my way around that book 
or series, by chapter or episode, or if a particular series had several seasons 
of it, I would like to be able to navigate by series, season, or episode. I 
hope I have explained that ok. however, just to make things interesting, the 
audio books in my library, are all formatted differently, as there are some, 
that have only as many files, as there were tapes or cds in the original, there 
are some, that have been taken from cd, with each track on each cd being a 
file, and there are some, that have just been formatted as a single big file 
for the whole book. 

also, the stuff I have, has not all been encoded at the same bit rate, and I 
have had problems with some mp3 disks before, that will play perfectly in mp3 
cd players, dvd players, and my computer, but when I try to play them in my 
talking book machine, it says something like "audio format not supported" even 
though they are mp3 files, and I would like the software package to be able to 
sort this out if possible, as it is probably something simple, such as 
re-encoding the mp3 files, in a bit rate that the talking book machine will 

it would also be quite useful, if the package could have some equaliser, volume 
boosting, sound enhancement, and unwanted noise removal tools. as some of the 
stuff I have, either because it was taken from very old recordings, was 
recorded at too lower level on one or both channels, or encoded at too lower 
bit rate, doesn't sound that good, which is something, that I would really like 
to improve if possible, before making daisy disks of it. 

it would also be nice, if the package could actually record directly from a 
line or digital in, as I still have a lot of stuff on tape, dat, and minidisk. 
and if it could also take audio from standard audio cds, which I could use the 
drive in the computer to read, it would be even better. 

finally, if possible, I would like the package, to be able to work with 
different audio formats, as not all the stuff in my library is in mp3 format, 
some of it is in .ogg, some in .wma, some in standard uncompressed .wav, and 
some in a form of compressed .wav format. I think it is going to be a bit much, 
to expect the software to work with things like free lossless audio codec, and 
monkeys audio files, but if the daisy software package could also use existing 
audio codec's, even this could be possible. 

Simon Wilkes,
skype name, 
windows live id, 
cb call, 
02082200261, +442082200261 if outside of UK, 
mobile, (voice or text) 
07957880038, +447957880038 if outside of UK. 

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