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Yes, I'd go along with the Echo suggestion, Adrian, and I just may havef one to sell shortly.

Carol P

On 10/23/2017 9:28 AM, David Griffith wrote:

I sympathise but if your landlord is being difficult I think your only option is either to claim that that the lack of adjustment is unreasonable given your visual impairment and higher than usual use of radio frequencies but more easily perhaps use internet radio whilst in your flat and retain your portable DAB and FM devices for outdoor use.

Using a Internet service you can use a variety of devices. My own recommendation is that you consider the Victor Reader Stream as a portable personal radio replacement, alongside possibly using an iPhone or Andoroid phone, and for ease of use the Echo Devices are a very easy way to get Internet Radio for non personal/portable listening .

The Wireless for the Blind Internet radio which name eludes me at the moment – Sonatra? Is also enjoyed by my sister.

There are other solutions including playing radio through various Freeview and Internet Boxes like Apple TV and Amazon Fire Stick on your TV so there aare lots of options via internet really.

I would in your situation also invest in not the slowest internet broadband but a higher speed service.

David Griffith

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Can someone please help me? I live in a ground floor flat, it is supported

living. I have a problem picking up either fm or dab signals clearly. My

landlord won't allow me to put up an outdoor aerial, the signals are really

patchy in my flat. There is a very high stone wall opposite my flat, part of

the old hospital that was on this site originally. What can I do to improve

dab or fm signals in here? My stereo has a wire aerial and I have to have

both radios in my Livingroom and bedroom near a window otherwise I don't get

a signal at all. Is there any way to boost the signal on both fm and dab? I

am also next door to the laundry in the building. There is a lot of steel

girders in the building a big part of the problem I think. In my living room

I have a socket on the wall for the satellite tv to connect to the dish on

the roof, there is also a connection for radio but I am not quite sure what

this is for. It also has a phone socket built in. Any ideas please guys?



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