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Think Alex you have to get this security concern into some sort of

A lot of the frauds and scamms just now are being commited off-line at
your local garage and the service sector generally, not on line,
though obviously things can go wrong.

Again, if you give your card details over the phone then someone
could, sometimes does, go on a spending spree.

There isn't a site that wouldn't use a secure HTTPS page for payment

I've been buying on-line now for some four or five years and nothing
seems to have gone awry as yet.  You do always have to be vigilent
though.  I'm trying now to tighten up a lot on passwords and these
days I wouldn't stand a chance of recalling any of my new passwords as
they're madeup of odd characters and much longer.  So I have to paste
them in now and tend to keep them on cards which I have to get into
the habbit of taking out of the computer when I don't need them.

On-line purchase can be perilously easy!  Stores like Amazon make it
so easy to re-order with your card details being stored.

Well, just some thoughts, and any thoughts on security issues are
always good to have.


From Ray
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Alexander Shannon

Hi Steve,

If I can download most programs when purchasing online, then I may
purchasing online, as long as the site I am purchasing from has a
payment method.  One of the other reasons I hesitate to shop online is
to concerns about security of card details.

Alexander Shannon

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