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For what its worth, I've bought a fair bit of software on-line now,
and it doesn't really make sense to do it the old way any more.  All
that wasted space in a cardboard box mostly full of air!

IJust add though that quite a few venders will mai out a CD if you pay
extra, which is what I did originallly with Spysweeper - which has
appeared in the shops now.  Still, makes more sense to back up to a CD
or other device.

Wonder if such exspensive apps as MS Office are sold in this way.  It
should, theoretically, bring the price down a bit.  Only in theory
though, I suspect!

From Ray
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kevin and Emma

hi alex, can't remember the last time i had to await a cd for any
program i
bought online. the vast majority allow you to download the program
payment is cleared. a lot in fact allow a demo version before hand and
email you a key to unlock all features.
kevin - (lord l)
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notice"-Will Durant
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