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Not wishing to add over much to this long thread, but I must add my endorcement
for Diskeeper.  A truly 'set and forget' program.  It's so much in the 
doing the one job it's supposed to do that I suspect some people forget it's 
at all.  I think you'd notice the difference in a week or so if it were not 

You could argue that Windows itself should do this house keeping, but Microsoft
being Microsoft....  Well, dream on.


From Ray
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  Hi Damon,

  First, get rid of Mcafee and get Nod32, and you will see your machine speed up

  Next, as I said in a previous message, buy Diskeeper, then you don't have to
worry about defragging, just set it and forget it.

  By the way, Diskeep even has options for running a scandisk before a defrag if
you select boot time defrag, which is an interesting option in itself, since it
defrags your temporary swap file, and the Windows XP defragger doesn't touch 

  All the best



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  HI all.

  For some reason I can't complete a full defrag. It's a little confusing. It 
to around 10% and stops.

  Is there any reason why the existence of jaws, for instance, might cause this
problem? I think it's a long running problem for me.

  My screensaver isn't on. But my Virus checker, Mcafee, is still on. Might this
be the issue?

  Any system cleaning or tidying tips most appreciated.


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