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  • Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2007 11:44:15 +0100


I have a feeling that people used to have problems when checking disks for 
errors with McAfee running.  Most VI people don't use Norton or McAfee these 
days because they tend to hog and slow down the systems, bearing in mind that 
speech is being used.

You may have to temporarily suspend it from running, but hopefully someone else 
will know better than I do.


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  HI all.

  For some reason I can't complete a full defrag. It's a little confusing. It 
gets to around 10% and stops. 

  Is there any reason why the existence of jaws, for instance, might cause this 
problem? I think it's a long running problem for me. 

  My screensaver isn't on. But my Virus checker, Mcafee, is still on. Might 
this be the issue? 

  Any system cleaning or tidying tips most appreciated. 


  skype:  damonrose 

  London, England. 

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