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  • Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2011 20:32:31 -0000

As I said, the Panasonic range is worth a look;  that's what I use;  have
just put a penfriend label on the front in case my senility makes me forget
the order of the buttons!  
Richard Godfrey-McKay
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With some of the annoying faults with the cobalt microwave, it maybe puts me
off a bit, especially when taking the price in to consideration.
Is anyone using a mainstream oven as a completely blind person successfully?
The one we have is quite basic, i.e. two dials, power setting and timer,
which can obviously be easily marked up.  It is very easy and straight
forward to use as you would expect.
I want  a combination oven when we replace this one, but want to be able to
use all its features, as I cook quite a lot, and enjoy the kitchen.
Is there an oven out there that is easily marked up for a blind person to
get the most out of a combination microwave.


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Mary Tottle
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Subject: [access-uk] Re: combination microwave ovens

Hi Terry,
I use the combination oven every day.  It cooks meat great.  All you have to
do is put in the weight and it works the cooking time out for you.  I also
make cakes.  I don't really use the microwave part that much. 
I think if it has one fault this is the door.  When trying to remove things
from the grill the door could do with opening up more.  The hinges stop it
from going right back which can be annoying if you have something fairly
large you are trying to take out without burning yourself.
If I can help you with any more information, please ask away.
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Subject: [access-uk] combination microwave ovens
Hi all
Our microwave is on its way out, so I'm looking for a new one, but was
hoping to find an accessible combination one this time.
I've heard of the cobolt talking combination microwave, but I've no idea if
its actually any good as an oven, so if anyone has one and they'd like to
share their thoughts, then that would be great.
Apart from that model, what are people using that doesn't have a flat touch
operating panel?  I definitely want a model that has rotating knobs, I don't
like the flat panels, even with markers stuck on them.
Thanks for any time given to the above.

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