[access-uk] Re: cleaning up unwanted files on my laptop

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One of the things you could use is "Disk Cleanup".

I've no idea about Windows "crate", but in 7 it is in Computer, right click on 
the disk drive you wish to tidy up, then Properties, and it is on the General 

You can also go to the Tools tab and use Defrag.  This tidy's up the files on 
your drive which may not all be in a contiguous area of the drive, and help to 
speed things up when opening files, especially large ones.

I can't imagine these features have been removed in this version of Windows.  
(Which even Bill Gates hates!)


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Subject: [access-uk] cleaning up unwanted files on my laptop

Hi all
I have used something on my laptop before to clean up unwanted or deleted 
files.  I cannot remember what is called and therefore cannot find it.  Any 
help will be welcome.  I am using windows 8.
Mark Bishop

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