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the Celleron is a perfectly good CPU, it should work fine.  the main difference 
in the Celleron and other higher performance CPU's is the amount of cache on 
the CPU itself.  Normally the more cache on the CPU, the better the 
performance.  The Celleron is a low cost chip therefore has less cache.

I hope that this helps,

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  Hi all.

  will JAWS, supernova  or Window-eyes work on a PC with a celleron processor 
or should they be avoided at all costs.

  Generally I have suggested a pentium 4 or AMD equivalent is required as a 
minimum but this is only to be on the safe side.

  I know there are system requirements listed on websites for products but it's 
useful to find out from others what will and won't work.

  I have been asked about a PC from EuroPC with a 3.06 GHZ Celleron processor 
and 512 MB of RAM.

  There is integrated graphics on the PC but it should be possible to find a 
cheap graphics card so that system ram is not taken up.  it's just a case of 
whether the celleron will work.


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