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I am going to upset a few people but the Mac operating system is a time bomb 
waiting to happen simply because people assume it is completely safe.  That is 
not to say there is something terribly wrong with Mac O/S but all operating 
systems have exploits.  Windows is undoubtedly riddled with problems that have 
become known due to the massive effort to break it due the very attractive 
rewards in doing so.  The degree to which problems in Mac O/S are found is a 
factor of how many people are actively trying to compromise it.  So far it has 
been a relatively small attack surface.  Due it is undeniable appeal and 
popularity with consumers that attack surface grows daily and Apple very 
quietly patch their operating system often without telling people exactly what 
it is that they have found to fix.  It is a matter of time assuming those 
miscreants who attack systems don't find even tastier morsels on the mobile 


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