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For many years I've used a rotary blade paper/photo trimmer to produce custom size labels, using the self adhesive Perkins size sheets sold by RNIB.

One advantage of using this method enables multiple labels to be Braille at once, and then cut exactly to the required size.

Labels may be cut even thinner than Dymo tape, allowing them to be easily placed on the spine of a CD case.

I think the trimmers can be purchased from Amazon ETC for around £30 or so.



On 20/11/2018 19:27, CJ&AA MAY wrote:

They are George, but sometimes the braille is quite faint and not particularly easy to read.


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Again, I should add that brailleable paper labels are also used in the pharmaceutical industry where the ink-print first and emboss afterwards. The labels are naturally of a thicker grade of paper.


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Paper labels are useless for any long term labelling though, aren’t they, Anna?

When I was working, all my files were labelled and I also kept a card index system with basic contact information which I used the foil CD labels for – they were just the right size. And, because they were foil, if I had to contact someone months or even years after the card was created, the braille was still nice and sharp to read. A paper label would have been much less likely to survive.


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The only solution I can find is buying paper labels from a stationers, they don’t last like the plastic ones did then. Annabel

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    I use the labels for all sorts of things, and can’t believe that
    this is the only option left. I’ll see what they look like when
    they come but if it means I have to cut down a Perkins-sized sheet
    to size every time I want a label, it will be a real faff and very
    wasteful too.


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     I stopped selling them awhile ago Alison, I was very disgusted
    about it also as are used to so many things. Annabel.

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        I’m flabberghasted!

        I rang RNIB this afternoon to order cd-sized self-adhesive
        labels, as I have run out.

        Not only don’t they sell these anymore, but they also don’t
        sell virtually any others either. for example the long strips
        or the sheet of 4 or 6 labels. The only self-adhesive labels
        they now sell are a Perkins-sized sheet.

        _I label my CDs, my herbs and a myriad of other things. Am I
        really going to have to cut bits off Perkins-sized sheets in


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