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  • Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2005 20:10:25 -0000

Hi  All
Is it normal for  a supplier of IT kit for the blind to insist
that a demonstration must be at their site only?

I have  been a customer of Blazie Engineering ever since they were set up in
 UK and before that was a customer of Sensory Systems, and this is the
first time  i have ever come across the rule that demonstration only
at Blazie's office site.

I have asked for  demonstration of pacmate to be used  as a Braille
text phone for  Deafblind.
I asked for a named person (i WON'T NAME NAMES HERE)
 to do the  demonstration and gave  few
options for time and  venue.

I  Suggested:
1. I come to them for 4pm  until 7pm that way I miss rush our traffic
with  taxi.

2. Meet me  at RNIB  Judd Street for the demonstration if RNIB agrees!

3. Come to  me  and do the demonstration at my home, or at RNID Typetalk
Liverpool (with their agreement!

Blazie won't agree to any  of the above.
First i am told  that the  person I was wanting do the demonstration  didn't
have all the experience  etc.
They also  said  that the only person THAT can do the demonstration works
9 until 5  and so  my  idea of 4 to 7 w s out  of question.
They say  it's  either I come  earlier in the day, or there is no
demonstration at all.  I fail to  understand  what is wrong with the
demonstration being either at  RNIB (if RNIB  agreed) or my home  etc.

They say the following:

"there is a lot of equipment that needs to be transported from our office
 and it'll take quite a lot of time to set up. Also, as I understand it, you
 need to see the Pacmate working as a Deafblind solution, which means we
 need to test the device on their phone system first of all and then we'll
 have to tie up a couple of their phone lines for your demonstration which
 means it's just not possible to have the demonstration at the RNIB.
Obviously we want you to see the Pacmate/Deafblind solution working
fully so you can get the best idea of whether it will be suitable for
you before you decide to purchase it or not and the only way that's
possible is for you to come to our offices here in Eastcote."

Part of the  above makes no sense  because if a demonstration uses a phone
 line, only 1  phone line is then used.
The other day  I did ask here,  who  owns Blazie Engineering UK
I was wanting to contact him or her to try  to  things out.
Also,  does it really  take lot of time to set up pacmate.


e-mail: derek.hornby_uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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