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  • From: "Hazel & Kim Darvell" <darvell1181@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2012 12:31:18 +0100

    Hello Clive 
Glad my post helped and you will now get demo's before any updates.
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  Hello Hazel,

  on the face of it this sounds like a real carping whinge (smile), but thanks 
for sending. At work we are about to upgrade my PC from Jaws 11 to Jaws 13, and 
your message has prompted me to recommend that we first try a demo of 13 before 
spending out. You may have just saved my employers some dosh.


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    Subject: [access-uk] blame where due

    Hello to all 
    I think I need to get this off my chest so anyone not wanting to hear a 
good moan then please feel free to turn a deaf ear to the following.

    I am a firm believer of putting blame where it's needed so here goes.

    We have been running Jaws 11 on our desktop for a number of years with no 
trouble so when I decided to get myself a laptop early last year  I too used 
Jaws 11 and could do all the usual things.

    A few weeks ago I installed on the laptop Jaws 13, unlucky for some and 
that was me.

    All has been installed correctly but can I use it ? not on your life.

    I can no longer shop online or do anything on web pages.

    Instead of saying the word link I get this annoying click, and it won't say 
what the link is.

    I then had the bright idea to contact Sight & Sound and spent one and a 
half hours with them on remote support, this was a call that was charged for as 
it was over the 59 mins .

    What a waste of time and money, all they did was change the sound that each 
link made, now it sounds like there is a great big bee stuck in the speakers.

    The Issue on Jaws reading too much info could not be resolved and their 
parting advice was to report to Sainsburys that they had a problem with their 

    This I suggested to Sainsburys.

    That evening I had a gut feeling about all this.

    I went onto the desktop and tried all our usual sites with the following 

    Jaws 11 

    System Access.

    Dolphin Guide 

    N V D 
    All these worked a treat.

    The next day I contacted Sainsburys  . to tell them there was no problem 
with their website .

    Many software companies we deal with for accessible technology  are too 
quick in blaming other people for the problems which they themselves are 
responsible for
    I have been told all the settings with Jaws are all correct.

    In future we will get a demo of any new version before spending out shed 
loads of money. 
    I feel better for that but it doesn't help with my present situation.

    Take care 

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