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No you can't.  And I haven't seen any RNIB nav updates since it came out.  
That's one reason I could never recommend it.


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Can you save POIS in RNIB Navigator?  I recall someone saying when it first 
came out that you couldn't.


Carol P


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Hello Husna


That question is highly subjective :-) but I'll do my best to answer for you. 
First of all, what are you looking for? Are you looking for something to use in 
pedestrian or in a vehicle. If you're looking for pedestrian use, are you 
prepared to pay for an application or do you want something that is free. Do 
you need information about your current location as well as easy access to 
points of interest and address entry? Are you happy to use multiple apps? If 
you want an all in one solution, I highly recommend the RNIB Navigator which 
works out at £47.99 per year although a three year plan can be had for £90. It 
is a very expensive solution but in terms of accessibility, and inclusiveness, 
it is probably the best solution you will find. Other apps like BlindSquare, 
Ariadne,  popular NAVIGON and the tom-tom also are very usable and especially 
read NAVIGON and tom-tom highly accessible although they both have their 
strengths and weaknesses. I hope this answers your question, I gives you some 
food for thought. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to 
get back to me.

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what is the best gps system to use for the UK with the IPhone?


Thanks, Husna


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