[access-uk] Re: baffled?

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  • Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 23:13:45 -0000


You have been infected by what appears to be "yieldmanager"
Precious little doubt.

The following URL tells you how to remove it. 



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I have tried everything, including scanning for viruses, and
all kinds of 

I have noticed though, when I remove my system from the
Internet, then it no 
longer plays up.

I realise this will sound silly, but it really works like

Now I have to download my email messages from the NET, and
then remove the 
plug from my system, unplugging the Internet.
Then I can read my mail, without the system going crazy.
I think a full format of my system is now in order,
Dinky Doo

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> Hi Billy
> In addition to the suggestions made, you might also go
into the Add/Remove 
> Programs menu in Control Panel, and see if there are any
strange programs 
> lurking there that you know for sure you didn't install
previously.  I 
> have seen this happen before, and if you manage to
uninstall anything 
> unwanted, chances are it won't keep appearing each time
your PC boots. 
> You might also look in Start-Up to see if there is
anything that has 
> hooked itself into the system that you could remove so it
doesn't run when 
> the machine boots.
> If this sounds difficult for you to achieve, it might be
advisable to have 
> someone sighted take a look for you.  I'm not saying for
one minute that 
> there is anything in Add/Remove or Start-Up, but it is
worth checking out.
> Good luck.
> Jackie
> Email: cairnsplace@xxxxxxx
> Skype Name: Cairnsplace
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> Subject: [access-uk] Re: baffled?
>> You have adware. Run a virus scanner or adware removal
tool to get rid of 
>> it.
>> James Scholes
>> http://www.jamesscholes.com
>> --------------------------------------------------
>> From: "TrueBlue & Proud" <billy72@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>> Subject: [access-uk] baffled?
>>> hi guys,
>>> I'm baffled at the moment, and I'm wondering if anyone
knows whats going 
>>> on with my system?.
>>> I'm getting an error box popping up at bootup.
>>> This is what the message in the box says:
>>> Then a few minutes later, the following webpage appears:
>>> this is an online casino page.
>>> Any help with this please,
>>> Billy
>>> email. billy72@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> MSN. billy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> Skype. bluey1972

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