[access-uk] Re: audio captchas won't play issue.

  • From: "goshawk on horseback" <goshawk_on_horseback@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2014 08:07:20 -0000

yes, other things, such as tv/radio programs/streams, and youtube videos seem 
fine, it just seems to be audio captchas that won't play, but a very annoying 
issue for a totally blind person relying on them. 


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  I may be very mistaken but I am pretty certain you do not need Quicktime to 
play audio captures.
  I have never installed Quicktime on this and other machines and they have 
played fine.
  Are you getting any sound at all from media content on your web pages?

  David Griffith
  On 10/12/2014 04:28, goshawk on horseback wrote:

    hello all, 
    have recently had a machine upgraded from XP to windows 7 ultimate 64bit, 
but am having a problem with audio captchas. they just won't play, and I can't 
seem to find what the problem is. apart from running IE 11 instead of IE 8, I 
have tried to use more or less the same software, I am reasonably sure that 
when it was running XP, it used to use quicktime for most audio captchas, and 
they played with no problems. so I put quicktime on this machine, but they 
won't play. I have gone through all of the settings I can find, in both IE and 
quicktime, and can't find anything that would prevent them from playing. any 
suggestions as to how I can sort this issue out please? 


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