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Have you thought about a wireless doorbell?

pete gurney recently said:-

hi alison,

you could take a look at the loc8tor tabcat remote control with homing tags.
you can purchase them with 2 or 4 homing tags in the pack.
they were created originally for putting on cat collars but can be used for anything you want to locate from up to 120 metres away and they have an accuracy of one inch.
each homing tag comes with a waterproof silicone cover and even when used regularly say on a pets collar the replaceable battery will last six months or more.
with this version of loc8tor remote control it gives off sounds to guide you to what you are looking for.
so for example if you were in your garden and looking for the tag you have attached to the bench you would press the button on the remote control that represents the bench, turn around with the remote pointing infront of you and when you are facing the bench the remote will start beeping you then walk in that direction and the closer you get to the bench the higher pitch the beeps will become and they will get faster until you get right up to the bench at which time it will sound almost like a continuous sound.
the remote with 2 tags costs £79.99 from:

i can't see the pack with 4 tags on amazon at the moment but you can buy extra tags from:

i got these tags and we put them on our guide dog collars when free runing them and they work really well as not only does the remote control beep but the tag on the dogs collar also beeps when we press the button that represents each dog.


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