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  • Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2010 01:43:00 +0100

Hi Damon, first here's again a reply I sent that didn't make it to list for 
some reason-

O.K. try downloading from


PC Suite is there.

I can never update Nokia PC Suite on either of my two machines without quitting 
Eset first. If Eset is running the download gets to 99% and then it sorts of 
hangs for ever. It's the only time ever I have any issues with downloading and 
Eset. Most weird as I've used Eset for nearly three years without a glitch 

Now to disable Eset do the following: click on the Eset system tray icon and 
then choose disable Antivirus and antispyware protection from the dropdown 
menu. That's it! To re enable Eset after you're done click on that option 
again. If you can't see that disabling option on the dropdown menu, you may 
need to first open Eset's main menu and then using your screen reader virtual 
mouse  to click on change display mode to toggle the display mode from standard 
to advanced.

One thing for sure that there is no need at all to uninstall Eset.

HTH and write back if you are still having problems.

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