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Hi Norman

I understand. All the best on your Android journey. Perhaps you could share some of your new Android knowledge when you've got your head around it. I'm very interested in how good two specific tasks do on android:

street by street navigation  and the KNFB reader

May be in a few weeks you could give a brief summary of your experiences.

Thanks in anticpation.

Best of luck


On 20/06/2016 09:17, Norman (Redacted sender normanwaddington504 for DMARC) wrote:

I was not being funny I was just trying to stop people having too much in their in box! Smile!
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Hi Mo

It is a shame that Norman want's your Android feedback off list. I for one would be interested in your experience and comments and perhaps others on this list would also learn. I've not found anything like the web site 'Applevis' for android - so, up-to-date knowledge of Android is a bit sparce.



On 19/06/2016 16:44, Mobeen Iqbal wrote:
Hi norman yep will do.



Norman mailto:dmarc-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

    Hi Mo,
    Can you write to me off list with regard to android phones. I
    would be interested to know which one you use.
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    Hi Joe.

    Android is perfectly blind friendly. i'm total and i've been
    using it for over 6 years. what kind of phone do you have?



    On Sunday, 19 June 2016 04:15 PM, Joe Bollard (Redacted sender
    EVERTON274 for DMARC) wrote:
    recently i was given a present of an android  phone, hitherto
    i've been using the i phone 4 s, i've been told that the android
    is not blind friendly, is there anyone on the list using an
    android? so far i'm making headway, albeit with a lot of sighted
    help, and i think i'll master it, any help or suggestions would
    be really appreciated, god bless, travel safely, joe bollard.

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