[access-uk] accessibility of the apple watch

  • From: pete gurney <pete@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2015 18:44:55 +0100

hi all,

for anyone thinking of getting the apple watch i can confirm it is
totally accessible.
i got mine this morning and set about setting it up without any sighted
help which you can do easily.
the only problem i had is that several times both the watch and the
Iphone said the pairing was successful only for the Iphone to announce
20 or 30 seconds later that pairing had failed.
but on the forth attempt it all worked fine.
when setting it up you need the apple watch app running on the Iphone.
to turn the apple watch on you put it on and press and hold the button
on the side of the watch for a few seconds and the apple logo will
appear on the screen.
this is not the button in the middle of the digital crown but the one
below it.
once you feel a light vibration on your wrist if you press the digital
crown button 3 times quickly and then wait a few seconds later the watch
will start speaking with an american voice.
you are automatically put in the setup screen asking you to choose your
flick left and right to choose and then double tap with one finger.
the watch will then tell you to start the pairing in the apple watch app
on your Iphone.
on the Iphone double tap start pairing and then do the same on the watch.
they both go into automatic pairing mode where you have to point the
camera of the Iphone at the watch.
personally i didn't find this worked for me so i did it the manual way
on the watch you double tap on the button that says show manual pairing
the watch will tell you to double tapp manual pairing on the Iphone and
also show you a long number.
when you go into manual pairing on the Iphone it will recognise any
apple watches that are in range and show their numbers at the bottom of
the screen.
you double tap on the number that matches the one on the watch.
the next step doesn't give you mutch time to complete before it cancels
itself forcing you to start all over again.
once you have tapped on the long number at the bottom of the Iphone
screen the watch screen changes and shows you a 6 digit number which you
have to enter into the Iphone screen.
once you have entered the number correctly within about 20 to 30 seconds
both the watch and the Iphone will tell you that pairing was successful
and the watch will tell you to finish the rest of the setup on the
on the Iphone you double tap on the continue setup button and follow the
instructions to answer a few questions such as which wrist are you
wearing the watch on, and wether the buttons are on the left or right
plus a couple more.
when the setup is complete on the Iphone your watch will speak up in the
language of your choice, in my case the english daniel voice.
i'm very impressed with the way the whole watch works.
even making phone calls works fine especially when it comes to hanging
i just swipe one finger to the left and it says end call and a double
tapp ends the call.
siri works well just press and hold the digital crown and after a couple
os seconds you feel a light vibration to prompt you to ask your
question and so far it has worked every time and has automatically
spoken the answer to me.
i'm off to teignmouth for a week tomorrow so will play around with it a
lot more while i'm away so if anyone has any questions i will gladly
answer them when i return.

pete gurney.

pete gurney <pete@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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