[access-uk] Re: accessibility of experiment to make map info online accessible

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  • Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2008 10:38:54 -0000


It works perfectly well with jaws, window-eyes  and system access.  I will be 
doing the experiment myself.

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  Dear All,
  First, I'd like to thank everyone who took the trouble to try running the 
experiment. I tried to make it as short as possible while still making sure 
that we could get reliable results, which unfortunately means that it does take 
about half an hour to do and demands a lot of attention, and is quite 
repetitive, since it needs to test a bunch of different conditions in the same 
ways. I hope you'll be patient with this aspect of the experiment, it was 
unavoidable since we need to find out which texts are most useful to blind and 
VI users for communicating spatial information.
  Regarding the accessibility part, all the radio buttons are labelled, 
including the example, and the radio button choices begin on the line following 
the question. The textbox has the preceding question labelled--I'm not sure if 
this is misleading or not--hopefully not. I went through and checked all this 
again just now. I also ran this by a blind computing officer who's used to 
training people in using accessibility software, and he ran it with both Jaws 
and Thunder (I believe) and didn't run into any problems. He did note that if 
you're using Jaws, you can use the cursor keys to read the questions and the 
spacebar to select the options and after clicking on an option, press enter to 
enter forms mode. Pressing the plus sign on the number keypad exits forms mode. 
Please email me directly if you run into any problems; my email address is 
  If you haven't taken the experiment yet and would like to give it a try, we 
still need a lot more responses! The experiment is online so you can run it at 
your own convenience by visiting 
  Thanks again for your help and patience!!
  Best wishes,
  Kavita Thomas
  the Atlas.txt project: www.csd.abdn.ac.uk/research/atlas
  Department of Computing Science
  University of Aberdeen

  The University of Aberdeen is a charity registered in Scotland, No SC013683.
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