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Just a point of information Here.  I believe that talking ATMs use the main 
numeric keypad for everything.  Each number becomes a menu item when you use 
your cash card.  I'm not sure how this works now, but I recall hearing a 
demonstration of one of the trials in Scotland and I believe the keys situated 
either side of the screen were not used at all.  I think prompts, rather like 
in an automated phone menu, tell you which number key does what.

I very much agree with comments that campaigning efforts would be much better 
focused on physical design of EPOS machines, and taking up the challenge of 
inaccessable ATMs etc, rather than trying to defend the old signiture system, 
and by implication, the levels of fraud that went along with it.

FinlayFinaly, Steve's comment on mobile phones becoming a sort of access device 
did occur to me while I was writing my previous post to this list.  I guess 
that as they are so often Blue Tooth enabled and some have WI FI access to I 
believe, this might yet prove to be a logical development in bringing about 
access about an area your moving through.  Let's hope something like this does 

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: Hi.
: Thinking about this one, it would be awkward at the moment.
: You would need to be using a cash point and holding your mobile as well.
: You would be a mugger's dream.
: This being said, I don't see why the banks could not have accessible
: documents on their websites containing step by step guides on how to use
: their own machines.  That way if you knew which machine you would have to
: use you could download information about that machine either at home before
: you set out or on your mobile while you are out.  This could apply to much
: more than cash machines of course.  it could work with fast ticket machines
: and vending machines too.
: This is not of course perfect as not everyone has access to the web or wap
: pages and remembering long sequences of keys can be difficult but in the
: short term, accessible documents with information about key sequences would
: be a start and a positive step forward.
: Graham Page

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: From: "kevin and emma" <kream@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
: hi, if the speech could be incorporated into a mobile, then fine. but it
: would seem like a lot of fiddle and fuss (possibly even expense) just to put
: in a 4 digit pin code to do your weekly shopping! smile. now if it could be
: developed to cover other, currently inaccessible/awkward facilities, then
: i'm all for it. cash machines, those self service ticket machines on train
: stations, things like that, then it would be a real step forward!
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: From: "Steve Nutt" <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
: > Hi Kevin,
: >
: > I agree with you regarding Chip and Pin, I much prefer it.  However,
: speech
: > could come from any number of places.  How 'bout your Talks-enabled mobile
: > phone?  Imagine having a Bluetooth transmitter on the terminal, which sent
: > the information directly to your phone?  Talks talking to you in an
: > earpiece?  I don't know whether it is going to ever happen, but this would
: > be by no means technologically impossible.  And you always carry your
: phone
: > around.  Forget special boxes, I think this would be the way to go.
: >
: > All the best
: > --
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: >
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: Of
: > kevin and emma

: > hi, and of course this little box will be free? ... not! not too mention
: > another thing to carry around with us. and what would happen if you lost
: > this box? or it developed a fault? or for some reason it wouldn't work and
: > you had a queue of 20 people behind you? you'd have to ask the cashier to
: > help which you can do already for free! in other words, you'd be back to
: > square one anyway, i really don't see why people have a problem with
: asking
: > for help when it's required!if anything it's easier with chip and pin. no
: > problem with having to ask where the line is, double checking to make sure
: > your in the right place, hoping that the pen works first time and that
: your
: > signatures readable etc etc.
: > it doesn't matter what technology is developed, or what improvement are
: made
: > to chip and pin, not everyone will agree with it. i for one aprove of it
: and
: > it's just a pity it took so long to come about. good riddance to the pen!
: > smile.
: > Kevin - owner of the audyssey gamers discussion list at:

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: > From: "James O'Dell" <jamesodell@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
: >
: >
: > > > what is the point of speech if it just says star?
: > >
: > > It tells you when to enter your pin, confirms that you have entered the
: > > digits correctly, tells you if you when you an remove your card or if
: you
: > > have made a mistake etc.
: > >
: > > Anyway I remember reading something a while ago suggesting that in the
: > > future speech on units like this might come from some sort of speech box
: > we
: > > carry with us, rather than from the units themselves, which would all
: use
: > a
: > > common standard to communicate with the speech box.  we shall see...
: > >
: > > James
: > >

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