[access-uk] Re: accepting card payments on the move?

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Worldpay do it too, and we use them, but honestly, nonoe of them are
accessible, because they require you to look at the screen of the pin pad.


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the only company I know that's promoting mobile based chip and pin(or
something similar) is paypal. i believe mastercard are offering something
similar. however, at present i would not advise using the service as it is
early days yet and there might be security issues to consider.
with regard to accessibility, I am less certain, I may at some point put
those features to the test but will wait and see.( my guess is that we are
being ushered towards a paperless currency system anyway)

On 09/09/2014 13:22, Mobeen Iqbal wrote:

Hello Everyone. 

I have been reading about companies launching chip and pin machines that
apparently link up to your mobile phone so you can accept payments. has
anyone who runs a business used one of these machines? how accessible do you
find the app that runs on your phone? i'm currently an android user and
would be interested to hear from anyone taking payments on the move. it
would be useful to know if these services are also available for individuals
as well as businesses? 

many thanks in advance, 


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