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Yes it's free as it is a free downloads site.
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Is it free mate?

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Hi. A couple of weeks ago someone enquired about getting videos from Youtube on their phone. There is a youtube downloader program which is screen reader friendly. I have tried and tested it and it is great to have. You can convert files to any video format of your choice once the video is downloaded. The program has a 2 step process which is pulling the file from Youtube and then converting it to a video format of your choice. I found this program from www.downloads.com and it can be found half way down the front page. Nj.²?zSvz¢Â-T¶qºªµz¶,?¹®!Szz¶±j±¶qºªµz¶?Sy?-·ºn?¢.S¢?¹²jzyr¶s?--SSj¡z'¹~-²²

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