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If you want a free POP3 account, ask someone with a gmail account to
give you a gmail account with POP access - though it is secure POP only,
but Pegasus I think supports this.  That isn't to say they don't use the
Spamhouse list, but they do make use of domain keys, which Yahoo do
also, and if the keys match this would mark the mail of a higher score
and thus not go into junk.  I receive mail from Yahoogroups to my gmail
account for some lists I am on.





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Apologies if this is somewhat off topic, but it is a problem which I
understand to be affecting many subscribers to Yahoo groups in addition
to myself.


It appears that several ISPs are using the Black House list in their
spam filters and that it tends to bounce Yahoo mail with the result that
the account has to be re-activated at regular intervals.  This means
that one misses some of the list messages and participation becomes very


I already changed ISPs once during the last twelve months to get away
from the problem, but my current ISP (Ukonline) is now using the Black
House list as are several others.   They give me the choice of turning
off spam filtering completely (which I am reluctant to do) or living
with the bouncing of Yahoo mail.


I was originally going to ask for details of ISPs free from this "pest",
but it occurs to me that if I move yet again there is nothing to say
that the new ISP will not go the same way in due course.


I have been wondering whether I could use my free @yahoo.co.uk address
for all my Yahoo lists whilst retaining the same ISP. However I have a
suspicion that only Yahoo Mail Plus (the paid for version) allows POP
access.  Can anyone confirm or deny this?   


I thought that I might get the answer from Yahoo Customer Support in the
uK, but the phone number I have seems to be incorrect.   If anyone has
the up to date one I would appreciate having it.


           Many thanks,






Douglas Harrison

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