[access-uk] Re: Yahoo list problem

  • From: Andrew Summers <asummers14@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 15:48:31 +0000 (GMT)

Hi Douglas,
The phone number is:
020 713 11000

Andrew Summers

--- Douglas Harrison <harrisondf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Apologies if this is somewhat off topic, but it is a
> problem which I
> understand to be affecting many subscribers to Yahoo
> groups in
> addition to myself.
> It appears that several ISPs are using the Black
> House list in their
> spam filters and that it tends to bounce Yahoo mail
> with the result
> that the account has to be re-activated at regular
> intervals.  This
> means that one misses some of the list messages and
> participation
> becomes very difficult.
> I already changed ISPs once during the last twelve
> months to get
> away from the problem, but my current ISP (Ukonline)
> is now
> using the Black House list as are several others.  
> They give me
> the choice of turning off spam filtering completely
> (which I am
> reluctant to do) or living with the bouncing of
> Yahoo mail.
> I was originally going to ask for details of ISPs
> free from this
> ?pest?, but it occurs to me that if I move yet again
> there is nothing
> to say that the new ISP will not go the same way in
> due course.
> I have been wondering whether I could use my free
> @yahoo.co.uk
> address for all my Yahoo lists whilst retaining the
> same ISP.
> However I have a suspicion that only Yahoo Mail Plus
> (the paid
> for version) allows POP access.  Can anyone confirm
> or deny this?
> I thought that I might get the answer from Yahoo
> Customer
> Support in the uK, but the phone number I have seems
> to be
> incorrect.   If anyone has the up to date one I
> would appreciate
> having it.
>            Many thanks,
> Douglas
> --
> Douglas Harrison

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