[access-uk] Re: XP home and Pro Need to know

  • From: Léonie Watson <lw@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 17:43:53 +0100


    XP Pro and XP Home are effectively the same operating system. There are
differences, but not in the way they treat hardware. Providing you have the
right drivers, there shouldn't be any reason why all your new kit won't work
with XP Home as easily as XP Pro. In fact, nearly all drivers I've come
across are XP generic and make no specific reference to either version.

    I'd therefore suggest going for XP Home. The drivers you're given will
more than likely work and if not, the correct ones can be downloaded from
the Net. Either way this isn't going to cost you anything, quite the
contrary for a Jaws upgrade.

    When they told you that the tuner etc. may not work, did they elaborate
as to why? I've no specific knowledge of tuners and so forth, but I can't
imagine they would react differently for Home than Pro.

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> Hi guys. I'm having a laptop shipped to me today. Thing is, I'm told it
> comes with XP Pro. But I don't have Jaws Pro. The store can load XP Home
> give me the appropriate XP Home disks. The problem might be that some
> drivers might not work. Now, what to do? Should I pay the extra for Jaws
> Pro, or take a chance on loading XP home and risk the loss of some media
> drivers. This Toshiba laptop comes with a TV tuner, even has a remote
> control, so I can plug in the cable and watch TV. This option and others
> not work if XP home is loaded. Any suggestions?
> Peter

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