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Do not use Fdisk to do this - it cannot do the NTFS stuff - there should be no 
problem with the XP cd - I have used it many times to set up initial partitions 
- and have had no problems.

There is always a bit at the end of the drive which it says it can't format - 
this usually shows up as 0mb but is there just to show you you have partitioned 
the disk.


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Hi Guys.

I'm just wondering about the reliability of using the XP Setup to re-format
and petition an HD? I've heard of cases where people have done this, and
according to them the Disc hasn't appeared to be fully formatted. Is it
perhaps better to take it out of the hands of setup, and use a tool like
Fdisk, or maybe to boot from a DOS CD?

I'm hoping to undertake this task in the next couple of days. TIA.



Mark Matthews
Cardiff, Wales, UK
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