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Hi George -

Thanks, I'll write to her strait away; pretty poor show then, that customer 
service didn't know of this, nor did their specialist department when I was put 
through! -

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  Hi Andy,

  You might like to drop a line to Joanna Shaw at RNIB.  The following was 
copied today from RNIB's web page:-

  Tactile Globe available from RNIB Customer Services call 0845 702 3153

  Content author: joanna.shaw@xxxxxxxxxxx

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  Hi all -


  I'm trying to track down a world globe that can be used by the totally blind. 
I've tried the RNIB [yes, I should have known better!] they've nothing, and 
seemed perplexed even by the enquiry! I've Googled for it, and found [using the 
translation tool] a Braille globe on a Dutch website, that sounds quite good, 
in that it has continents that can be detached for closer scrutiny, and put 
back in place, it also has quite a lot of other useful sounding features; 
however, it is 225 Euros! I didn't have that much in mind when wanting such a 


  I do understand the difficulty with keeping a globe up-to-date etc, but 
anyway, anybody got any suggestions where to try?


  Thanks -



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