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Interesting Mary, and this idea's been around for a couple of years.
Can't recall what the original combo of book and player was called,
but something like Play Away - which has other meanings, (smile).

Wonder where you've found a reference to this?  Maybe someone is
selling these now in the UK?  Certainly one way of circumventing or
slowing down pirates.


From Ray
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Has any one on the list used the following?

Audiobooks on the move! This is a new, portable way to listen to audio
books - just
plug and play! Macmillan Digital Audio are delighted to introduce a
new format
for audio book lovers everywhere. Word Play is an incredibly light and
portable pre-loaded
player which means you can 'plug and play' your favourite audiobooks
anywhere in
the world. The player runs off a standard AAA battery so they are
and they come with a free set of headphones so you can start listening
your audio
books straight away.
  The James Herbert collection of books was almost twenty pounds but
had most of his really well known ones on this one unit.  If anyone
has used
one, a description would be good.  I can see it being a good idea for
who do not like downloading books. I didn't think it was a bad price
considering how many books were there.  I wondered how easy it would
be for
a blind person to navigate between books.



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