[access-uk] Re: Word 2007 query

  • From: Douglas Harrison <harrison1d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2008 18:57:10 +0100

Thanks, George.  At least I am not alone!  It would not be so bad if the 
machine with Office 
2003 on it was networked to this one - but I actually have to transfer the 
files using a memory 

What baffles me is that whatever you do to the 3 buttons in the View tab of the 
ribbon nothing 
seems to change.  could be hal I suppose- I will try downloading a demo of 
Window-eyes and 
see if I get on any better with it in that particular situation.

Of course, as you probably know, Microsoft left a lot of the old key sequences 
in 2007 
despite the absence of menus.  For instance I always use alt F and A to get the 
Save as 
dialogue.   I tried to see if alt, V and N would change to the normal view, but 
no luck!

On 27 Sep 2008 at 14:38, George Bell wrote:

> Hi Douglas,
> I know it's no consolation, but you are not alone in taking
> documents back to a 2003 system to edit - and that's with
> 20/20 vision, and 20 years or so of using various flavours
> of Word.
> I've not yet found a way to save documents in such a way
> that when re-opened, they will appear as they were when
> saved.  However, you should be able to change that via the
> View ribbon, and if not, then you may have a local/Hal
> problem.
> George.


Douglas Harrison

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