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  • Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2015 19:30:19 -0500

When I press insert tab then tab it just goes through links the way they are presented on the page

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Yes you can.  Just tab to the list of links and type the first few letters.
Also there are radio buttons to change from different element types, so
unlike JAWS, you only have to remember Insert-Tab then you can move by all
kinds of elements, in fact, whatever elements are on the page.

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Although it does list the links, unfortunately, unlike jaws, one can not
locate them by letter navigation. I guess this can be useful on a webpage
where there are lot of form fields and so they can be avoided while just
wanting to tab though the links, but apat from that it's not really as
useful as being able to use it by doing letter navigation. Thanks for your
help though.

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Insert Tab should do what you want.


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Subject: [access-uk] Wineyes 9 and links


I have been playing with new version of wineyes as OI have office installed.
I have plaied with it before, but am trying it again to check out new
features ETC.

However, I  would like to know if there is aquivalent command to list links
available such as insert plus f7 in JFW. I did ty to use JFW keyboard app or
whatever it is called, but I find that it often crashes and does not perform
very well. Granted, one should learn the commands of the wineyes itself, but
as at the moment I'm still only experimenting rather than using it as my
default screenreader I would like to be more productive and test things
rather than just learning new things, so was hoping that the jaws layout
would make such things easier. Never the less, as I said, if there is a
command that does what I described above, could someone please let me know
what it is or if that even exists in wineyes? I know I could read help, but
if someone could help that would be much appreciated.

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